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A Micro Business Life – a new podcast is here!

I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of my new podcast, called A Micro Business Life.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

As an avid podcast listener myself, I really appreciate the opportunity to take time out of my busy life and listen to something without having to use my eyes. That might sound mad but if I’m gardening, working or just resting, I like to listen to things.

Also, in the past when I’ve searched for podcasts on small business, I found that there are loads of podcasts out there – and some of them are really interesting – but they all focus on an aspect of business that wasn’t quite what I was looking for. For instance, marketing, going for growth, being an entrepreneur, inventing something or women in business.

None of those things are wrong, it’s just that I was looking for something that specifically talks to the people I work with all the time – micro business owners.

And so I thought I’d create something that does just that.

A podcast for micro business owners

It’s a podcast by and for micro businesses. It’s for anyone who is trying to create a micro business life. They may not have started out yet; they might dream of setting up their own business or they might have a side hustle.

Just as with Simply Great Britain, I want to create a community of micro business owners around the podcast.

What I’ve loved most about creating the podcast is that I get to interview people that I know a little bit already, mostly from the Simply Club. There’s always something that you don’t know about somebody. Finding out more about them has never ceased to inspire me and to leave me feeling uplifted.

The interviews are relaxed conversations that dig out a little bit of something special each time. Everyone I’ve spoken to has had an amazing story to tell.

Every time I’ve recorded an episode, I’ve come away and thought, ‘oh my god, that’s so exciting!’

And micro business owners have loved sharing their stories. One of the things about micro business is that there’s not really a loud voice across the UK. There’s loads of stuff on social media but we can scroll past that way too easily. This is about giving voice to those who can offer inspiration, ideas and experience to others.

What you can expect from the podcast

There will be two or three different types of episode you can expect to hear.

Firstly, a micro business story, where I’ll be interviewing a micro business owner (likely to be from the Simply Club). We’ll get to hear their story – why they began a micro business, what gets them up in the morning, what’s their purpose, what their key challenges have been along the way and what they’ve learned from their ‘failures’.

I’ll also be asking them for one top tip they would give to another micro business owner (or somebody thinking about starting one). It will be a relaxed interview and chat, which I’m sure will provide some interest, inspiration and ideas.

There’ll be a second type of interview, with somebody who might be deemed as an expert or a particular inspiration for an existing or potential micro business owner. It could be somebody in the business support world, someone who started out as a micro business and found their own success or a campaigner for a particular area such as sustainability or micro business financial support. Again, I think these will give listeners tonnes of insight and inspiration.

There’s also (probably) going to be the occasional third type of episode that’s just from me. This might be shared thoughts, reflections and ideas, where I have something to say about micro business, sustainability or anything else I want to talk about.

Initially, I plan on putting one episode out per week, in a series of six episodes, with a break in between each series.

Episodes are about 30-40 minutes long, so relatively bite-size. That goes with the ethos of Simply Great Britain, where everything is meant to be manageable and not overwhelming. Because people who are building micro business lives are juggling lots of different things – kids, family, life, volunteering, and so on.

While I’ve been working on getting good quality sound, so it’s easy to listen to, it’s also going to be fairly raw and unedited. You may hear my dog, Stan, barking in the background from time to time. I like to keep things real!

How you can find it

You’ll be able to listen to the podcast on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts & You can also access it here, on the Simply Great Britain website and I’ll link to it from all my social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Keep an eye out on social media for when I announce new episodes.

If you have any questions about the podcast or suggestions for future topics or guests, please email them to

If you run a micro business or dream of doing so, come and discover the Simply Club where you’ll find business advice, training, support and a thriving micro-business community.


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