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Get the help you need for your micro business in 2024.

First up, a confession about the delay in this blog post. Like so many micro businesses (0-9 employees if you're not sure), we've been juggling the twin challenges of low capacity and winter lurgies. I share this because there is a reality about running a very small business that we often don't shine a light on when talking 'business talk'.

Full disclosures aside, this post is about micro business owners in Britain getting the business help and ideas that they need in 2024. So much business content out there is about much larger enterprises or steeped in jargon. Our mission is to help transform more lives through micro business and this includes, easy to understand, bite sized, quick access help that is bespoke to those running micro enterprises.

20 years experience as a micro business owner and working with other micros has given us a unique insight into what running a micro business is really like & what help they might need most.

  • Often there is a lack of capacity - not enough staff, can't afford to hire just yet or possibly your micro business is a side hustle.

  • You will have great ideas and a perhaps a clear plan for your business but it's tough to be a specialist in all functions of the business from finances to marketing.

  • Micro business owners are often alone, either as the only person in the business or the only boss, making all the decisions, creating all the strategy while likely still working fully in the business. This is challenging and sometimes, isolating.

  • Time management is a really challenge. The need to create income and deliver great experiences, leaves little time for learning, skills acquisition or networking.

So what does great business help and support look like for a micro business? Here's what we think:

  • Having one or two key places or organisations that you trust and turn to first when you need some help. Google can be a great tool but when life is full and capacity is low, searching for the right answer can be overwhelming and time consuming with little guarantee the help is what you actually need.

  • Business support ideas that are easy access and bite sized. Time is often short for a micro business so getting your hands on a quick watch/read/listen can unlock the solutions you need, when you need them most.

  • Accessing jargon free, micro business focussed help. Learning business terms and language can be important (we need to understand turnover vs profits etc) but seeking concepts and solutions that make things simple and accessible to all is key to helping you well.

  • Findings ways to regularly hang out with your peers is powerful. Sharing ideas, challenges and stories can transform your mindset or actions in a micro business. Business leaders from large organisations will have peer mentoring or groups that they mingle with and this should be available to micro business owners too in an easy and affordable way.

  • A sense of community takes peer conversations to a new level. As micro business owners, we all have helpful friends who may have lots of tips, but what we might need more are people who share our journey, offer unbiassed feedback and we can have a giggle with to dispel tension. Try forums, meet ups or other networking ideas.

  • Affordable coaching and mentoring could be the key to your success. This type of 121 or small group approach can seem expensive or risky, but finding a way to work with a professional in this way could bring together all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to create strategy and a new way forward.

  • Regular help is hugely important for a micro business owner. In larger organisations, you might have weekly progress meetings or work in teams that create momentum. However, knowing that you have 24/7 access to help that you trust or regular updates land in your inbox is not only comforting but works with the often unpredictable nature of the working week.

If you're setting up a new business, are running a micro enterprise or side hustle, head to Simply Club to find out how being part of our special community can unlock your potential in 2024.

Get help for your micro business


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