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How To Guide: 3 more practical steps to boost traffic to your website

  1. Remember that Google isn't the only way to a website. For those of you who have ever attended one of my courses or workshops, you will know that I am a fan of subscribed emails as a way of building business relationships. If you can focus on building your subscriber list, you have a captive audience that doesn't rely on algorithms or Artificial Intelligence to get them to see your information. Regularly emailing an interested and targeted list, while providing free, valuable and generous information will mean it is a lot easier to get that audience to kick through to the parts of your website you want them to see and engage with. Adding in easy share buttons also prompts them to share your information directly with their friends too.

  2. Make your website the exclusive destination. With social media platforms having so many fancy add ons, advertising capabilities and engagement tools, it is easy to share all your precious information straight to social media. How about keeping the golden nugget or the best bit for your website only? Create campaigns and stories that mean you entice your audience back to your website as the only place where they can sign up, book or get something free. This is such a simple step to take and guarantees that more people will land where you really want them.

  3. Use Google Search Console. This is sometimes an overlooked tool on Google that helps you understand how Google (& the rest of world) experiences your website. It will will check out if there are pages that don't load quickly or that have broken links. It will also let you easily understand what search terms are used to get to your website and much more. Simply head to Google and follow the instructions to set it up (if you already have Analytics, you will be set up already). This simple tool will give you a better understanding os how your website is doing and how you can then better use social media and other marketing to get people to your preferred URL or destination. Keep it simple & focus on URL inspection, performance and the overview to start with. I hope that these tips set your ideas alight and help you look at your website traffic from a new angle. We will be discussing it today in the Facebook Group - so ask questions, share your experiences and join in.


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