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How To Guide: 3 Ways to Shine Brighter Online

I am writing this as we're seeing the first of some hints of spring and it's a lovely time to have a clear out! But how can having a clear out online help you and your business?

How many times have we suddenly realised that there's out of date information about our business out there? How many times have we thought about re writing our profiles to better reflect how our business has evolved but somehow didn't get round to it? How many times do we catch sight of something online and don't feel super proud of how it looks?

This spring, it's an opportunity to shine a little brighter, have a little clear out and upgrade our presence online. Not only will we feel more confident but it will help audiences to feel more engaged with us.

So here are a few ways to help you get started with sort out to shine brighter this year:

  1. Make a list! All good spring cleans start with one. It's surprising how many places your business appears across the internet. Perhaps there are old listings somewhere, an unfinished Twitter account or out of date pages on your website. List everything so that you can go through each one in turn!

  2. Photography. We know that images have never been more important. Not only do they need to be of high quality and 'on brand', they also need to 'say' something about the essence of your purpose. Do your images reflect your brand? Do they say something about who you are or maybe share something how you create or make things? What about your personal brand? Many customers want to see your face too. Research shows that engagement online is boosted when human faces are used. Consider investing in some professional photography (we have brilliant members who do that!) or invest in some time to learn how to use your device really well while you save for a pro shoot.

  3. Words. Have you reconsidered your 'why' recently? The essential story or purpose of your business? Check out Simon Sinek's 'Golden Circle' TED talk on Youtube for a refresher. With this clear why in mind, re look at all yous ay about your business online - website, bios, profiles etc. Do you focus on the 'stuff' (what you do and where to buy) too much instead of sharing vision and what drives what you do? Refreshing your words will help audiences align their own values with your business and more easily build relationships that last.

  4. [Bonus] Less is more. Over the years in business we often accrue ideas and latest tips that no longer serve us. It's often better to perfect your presence on a few platforms than to be everywhere in a dusty old way. Take some time to really think about your audience and target customer and where they are and most like to interact online. Make those spaces your priority. If you're not ready to delete old platforms that you don't want to focus on this year, then at least add a place holder message or bio update to remind people where they can find you for now.


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