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How To Guide: 4 Tips For Creating An Email With Impact

Many of you will already know that I am a fan of the email for marketing purposes. There're lots of reasons for me being such fangirl but principally, my reasons are:

  • Emails go straight to the recipient & 98% of folks check their email every day so that feels like a win

  • Emails fly direct - no algorithms, no ads, no derailing because of a big news story

  • Emails feel more like a conversation rather than a broadcast - so much better for marketing.

  • Emails go to folks who are already interested in your business.

  • Emails convert better than social media. Stats show that click through rates are at least 20% higher than a best performing post.

  • Emails are yours to design! No hashtag stress here.

So...hopefully you're already convinced that email marketing has a place for all micro businesses. But how can you make your email stand out, more likely to be read and not deleted from an inbox?

Here is a list of tips and ideas. Not exhaustive but a really good start if you're starting your email marketing journey or maybe simply refreshing it after a break.

  1. Be generous always. It is a huge privilege to be allowed into an inbox of a busy human. We must respect that and say thank you every time we email. What generous offering do you have in your emails? A recipe, a top tip, a competition, a joyous early access, a delightful new offering, a discount...the list is almost endless.

  2. Say hello really well. The subject line of your email needs to wave a 'hello' that says 'open me'! Think about your brand voice and your relationship carefully here. You want to get to the point e.g. 'Could you WIN today?', but avoid being shouty. Your subject may be similar each time but it's regularity is a comfort or treat for your readers. Emojis can be fun & short and concise works best.

  3. Get personal. There's lots of data that using a first name can really help with open rates & click throughs. Using digital 'mail merge' options on your platform (all main email marketing platforms have them for free) you can start each email with their first name or even add it to the subject line.

  4. Make a quick impact. Think about what device most of your subscribers are using (likely mobile) and ensure that the most exciting/attractive/enticing/uplifting element of your email is at the start. This sounds blooming obvious but if your logo takes up a big chunk of that first view on a mobile, what you really want to say can get lost. Check out 'preview formats' on all your emails before sending.

  5. Bonus tip. Keep your email focused and simple with a layout that's easy to follow. Keep your message simple with multiple different ways to take action. Include buttons, hyperlinks and even hyperlink your images. Use less words than you imagine and try to stick to no more than 3 key topics or ideas per email. E.g. headline to inspire, excite, bring joy; the generous treat/gift & maybe a reminder of other products or services.


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