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How To Guide: 5 top SEO tips to remember

Take a deep breath and a moment to check out these 5 things and then go from there. If all these steps are in place then you can progress to more in-depth options of course.

  1. Check that your website is indexed on Google. This simply means that Google is aware your website exists. It may not rank it yet but it there. Go to Google and type into the address bar (e.g. mine would be Check how many results are listed at the top of the page. Zero means you need to either ask your web designer to index your site or you need to follow Google's instructions. Even just '1' means that Google knows you're there. This is a very simplistic way to check these things but a good start!

  2. Check that your website is properly mobile friendly - an essential of Google is to rank your website properly. Go to mobile-friendly to check for free. The report will let you know if there are any issues with your website and you can go back to your web developer to improve things.

  3. Create or claim a Google My Business profile which links to your website.

  4. Do a full keyword search to ensure that your website is using the right words and phrases for the search you're looking. Use Google Keyword Planner or Moz Keyword Explorer which has a free version. Use these tools to see what types of key words will work best for your business. For example if your business is a cafe, then using 'cafe near....' may be too popular but how about 'organic cafe' or 'cafe with vegan menu' might be better if that's what you offer. This research will help you get savvy at how to get traffic to your website.

  5. Add an SEO plugin or tool on your website so that you can continue your SEO journey throughout your website. A tool like Yoast for Wordpress or built in tools on Wix will help you 'rate' the SEO on each page, build key SEO on each new blog and give you top tips on what will help on each page. It will include creating good meta titles (title of each page in your website), meta descriptions to be listed on Google and your word count and readability etc. If you need more SEO help, it's really worth asking inside the Simply Club on the Facebook Group...we have some brilliant experts who can answer your questions!


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