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How To Guide: Managing business & life!

Be gentle with yourself.

It's important to remember that although you might feel that you have to be everything to your business, your business isn't everything to you. It may be crucial to you of course, but actually you are the most vital component. So your first step is to treat yourself in the same way you would to a loved one who needs help. It's not humanly possible to be immune to the pressures of life.

Prioritise your energy.

Maintaining your energy is important for your business but also to help you manage the other parts of your life that may be overwhelming or draining. Avoid activities and people who drain your energy. If you can't avoid these things completely, create strict timed boundaries around them and then rest. Focus on things that uplift or add to your energy levels - exercise, nature, yoga, friends etc. Not sure about your energy ups and downs? Keep a diary for a week and mark what weighs you down and what gives you energy.


Feeling overwhelmed can be isolating so sharing your concerns or problems is vital. This might be a work related issue in our Facebook group or a long walk with a loved one to talk things out. It is highly likely that you will discover that others empathise and that your feelings won't be unique. Isolation is not the answer to overwhelm.

Curate a team.

Similar to above, it's vital to curate a team of people who have your back. Having a team that have specialities is also important. For example you might have a bookkeeper to talk over money, a dear friend to share worries with and a coach or mentor to talk through future business plans and limiting beliefs. Who is in your team?

Limit the input.

Input can be anything from social media and news intake to trying to do too much. Our brains can only manage so much and many of us are pretty 'full up' with information, planning, pressures and news. Decide what you can manage and tune out the rest. It helps to limit what input you allow into your life so that you have enough space to stay creative in your business or other responsibilities.

Pay it forward.

Despite the fact that you may feel you have no spare time or energy, volunteering, doing something for others, offering something for free or providing some of your magic for others is energy giving and connects you to those around you, not to mention reducing any feelings of not being enough or helplessness. This could be just checking on a neighbour, raising some charity funds through your business or sharing your wisdom for the benefit of other micro business owners.

Find joy.

This is a challenge when things are tough. We may feel little joy or exhausted or even guilty for having joy when others haven't. However, joy is energy and energy provides us with the fuel to do good in life & business. You might find joy in the smallest of moments or allow yourself to really laugh with loved ones but either way - it matters.


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