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New platform exclusively for micro business owners

What do you do when the world around you seems so challenging, when positive news seems hard to come by and when experts are telling us that business has never been more difficult?

Invest is something new, uplifting, that will work harder than ever to support and celebrate the 96% of British business that's micro in size but mighty in impact, that's what!

I'm Emily, founder of Simply with a drive to transform more lives through the magic of micro business, just like mine has been transformed. You can read my full story here, but suffice to say, the last few years left me with two options. Walk away and only focus on the other parts of my career as a coach, mentor and trainer or double down on my mission to shed a bright light on the power of micro business in Britain.

Making up 96% of all UK business, micro business ownership contributes a whopping £808 billion to our economy and employs over 8.7 million people through 5.2 million micro businesses. These figures really just scratch the surface in terms of painting the true impact of micro business for individual lives, communities and of course the UK as a whole.

There is no doubt that the last few years have been unprecedented in so many ways and 2022 proved a real challenge for micro business owners across the UK. Increased costs, challenged customers, difficult supply chains, postal services and more resulted in a lot of stress, worry & even closures. BUT...micro business is here to stay. Start up rates for new businesses is growing and we know that many more people are seeking to change their working lives, their whole lives, for something better or more meaningful.

So what's new and what so exciting to share?

Simply Great Britain was founded from my previous micro business community in my home county of Staffordshire. With over 20 years of experience as a micro business owners myself and with more than 25 years experience in business, I have seen the transforming effect of micro business in so many ways.

Almost without exception, micro business owners I speak to, have a story to tell about how micro business has transformed their lives. You can listen to a few on our podcast, 'A Micro Business Life', but many of the stories are about leaving a toxic workplace, needing more time for family or managing chronic conditions with a work life that's meaningful. All micro business owners are looking to make a difference in their small corner of the world too. Many are bringing people together, or sourcing with care. Many are giving back to community or charity regularly. Often, they are the best at offering flexible working or innovating to ensure that what they do causes least harm to anything else. Profit is often second to people and planet and there's often a simple desire to build a life they love over building a new corporate.

So from a small community of members inside the Simply Club, we are launching a brand new platform to support, celebrate and connect with micro businesses and their owners across the UK.

Working with a team of micro business experts, Nancy, Andy & Jayne, you know who you are, we have built a brand new place where we can connect together and build more lives that are loved and transform through micro business.

Simply GB is there to help us understand the 96% of private business in Britain. We are sharing stories on our podcast, through our blog and via our directory of stand out member businesses. We're celebrating the amazing work of our members with you by helping you find micro businesses where you, what value they bring to people places and planet and of course, treats and offers along the way.

For micro business owners, we're all about the Simply Club and how it will make life easier from day 1. The Club is our special community of micro owners where they can find trusted, professional business support that's exclusively created for them. With buckets of resources, free training, community forum and our mentoring programme, The simply Club is designed exclusively for micro owners who want a community to lean in to.

Often left out of business support funding and often without the resources to pay for 121 coaching, mentoring or expensive training, The Simply Club provides free, bite sized help whenever you need it. We are here to help you build a life you love more easily and with friends.

So, welcome to our all new, refreshed platform which we hope you will love as much as we do. We suggest popping the kettle on and diving in to start your journey of discovery and together, we can transform more lives through micro business.


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