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Understanding How To Work In Your Magic.

The beauty of being a micro business is that we are in the business of making relationships, building connections and being unique.

But so often we can easily forget or misunderstand what we're really selling, what our true value is, what our magic is. It's not because we don't understand what business we're in but perhaps more that we might not always share the magic of how we do it or best connect our products and services with what our customers really want.

I really like this simple exercise [which is an adaptation from the book 'Do Purpose. Why brands with purpose do better and matter more' by David Hieatt] to establish or remind ourselves about what is really important in our business, what the magic heart is about what we do and how we do it. I've been known to play with this every so often to check I'm still in the right space.

Simply fill in the 3 circles and notice which of the the elements create the magic in the middle or are already present in your business.


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