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To transform more lives through micro business in Britain.

Micro businesses and their owners are better for people, places & planet.

This is the why.

To transform more lives through micro business in Britain.

96% of all British business is micro in size (less than 10 employees) and 60% of them don’t employ. These businesses are the beating heart of our communities. They support local economies & provide flexible working for millions. They are innovative, have short & transparent supply chains & reduce waste, energy & plastic use. Of course, micro businesses also provide exceptional products & services & are the love we want to see in our lives. However, they are the type of business that is most likely to not receive funded support.

Micro businesses and their owners are better for people, places & planet.

Simply GB is here to help.

Emily Whitehead Business Coach, Mentor & founder of Simply Great Britain
Micro Business in Britain

This is the how.

Celebrating stand out micro businesses.

We celebrate stand out micro businesses from a huge range of sectors, by shining a light on what they do.

We provide pro business support & signpost our members to help them build a life they love.

We connect them to a vibrant & growing community of other businesses who share their journey and best of all, connect them with the customers who love them.

Everything we do is also about saving the planet – micro businesses are leaders for sustainable business after all!

What we've done.

Welcoming micro business owners from everywhere.

Emily, founder of Simply Great Britain and the Simply Club community have supported, coached, trained and mentored hundreds of small businesses to build confidence, gain new skills & understand their value to achieve anything they want.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing, coaching, mentoring, training & business support, Emily has created the Simply Club to be the community micro business owners, like her, need.


We welcome owners form everywhere – from coaches to makers, from photographers to accountants and from holiday providers to artisans.

Simply GB is here to help.

Emily Whitehead, founder of Simply Club for micro business owners
Make Today Amazing - Simply Membership Community

What's next.

Growing our membership community.

We are growing our membership community from our Staffordshire base, spreading the word about the central role micro business has on people, places & planet.

We are focussed on finding the best ways to support micro business owners to build lives they love that then breathe life into communities and our environment while supporting people to do human friendly work.

Be part of our journey.

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