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Business Coaching With Emily Whitehead

Business coaching & mentoring with Emily Whitehead

Helping you to explore what is possible both for you and for your business

Work with Emily.

Founder, coach, mentor & trainer.

With over 25 years of experience in business, I am a business coach, mentor and trainer driven by a core purpose of doing better business for people, places and planet.

I work with a range of clients, from micro business owners looking for support & direction to larger teams and organisations who need leadership, executive and strategic support for a more sustainable future.

I have worked as a coach, mentor and trainer for over 20 years after a corporate career in the pharmaceutical sector. My business support approach is to work with individuals and teams to make a difference. I take a holistic look at both business and human needs (the two are, after all, inseparable) and like to work by building authentic relationships and creating real connection.

Emily Whitehead - coach, mentor & trainer


I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM), Institute of Digital Marketing (IDM), The European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK and The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Environmental Quality Mark
Institute of leadership and management
Digital Marketing Institute
European Mentoring & Coaching Council

About me.

As a business owner and founder of Simply Great Britain, I’ve worked most often with people and businesses who also want to make a difference. I love working with businesses who are looking to create some change and individuals who are transforming their lives through business. I work closely with founders and leaders to help implement that change, develop thinking and strategies and evolve ideas and cultures.

Examples of this work might be to develop leadership skills, grow confidence, face challenges, enhance team working, address barriers and achieve goals. My focus is to help you explore what is possible for both you and your business using a variety of techniques and opportunities from progressing thinking through 121 coaching work, supporting your business development through mentoring to bespoke training that you and your teams need most.

My general areas of expertise include:

  • Business Coaching & Mentoring

  • Facilitate & train your teams

  • Big picture ideas & development.

  • Empower you to grow & communicate

  • Create & implement your marketing strategy

  • Digital Marketing

  • Email marketing strategy

  • Help you tell your story

  • Team Training

  • Reputation Management

  • Develop a sustainable business

  • Business planning

My approach.

My personal approach is whole hearted, down to earth, full of empathy, warm and without jargon. My values of connection and making a difference remain at the core of my work and believe that relationships enable change.

I work both in person and online and am happy to book a discovery call to find out more about each other.

Book a free 15 minute discovery call today.

1-2-1 business coaching is £95 for the initial 1 hr online session and £75 thereafter.

Multiple bookings or face to face full or half days can be pre booked at a discount. Half days start at £280.

It’s worth noting that Simply GB members enjoy an additional 20% discount on all coaching, mentoring & training.

Coaching approach by Emily Whitehead
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Video calls kept me on track and it's a great way to get an opinion from someone who isn't involved in the business

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