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Micro businesses and their owners are better for people, places & planet.

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We LOVE to hear from you and your experiences of small, micro & independent businesses and business owners in Great Britain. You can contact us anytime on but please remember that we are a very small team & we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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Press Requests.

If you have any press requests about Simply Great Britain -what we do, why we do it or to speak with founder, Emily, please do get in touch.

Emily is an experienced public speaker, coach, mentor,trainer and advocate for micro business owners in Britain and the ways they transform lives. Read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Be part of a community
    Be part of a growing community of stand out, independent, small and micro business owners. Stay connected through our special Member Hub full of resources & easy ways to chat, share knowledge & find answers for just over 50p a day.
  • Professional business support at an affordable price
    Receive a weekly ‘How To Guide’ straight to your inbox. Connect with our community of micro owners and get free access to our mentoring group. Worth £60 a month.
  • Free training included in your membership
    Get immediate access to our New Beginnings Course. Everything you need to know to rebuild, refresh, grow and do better & greener business (worth £99) plus regular free workshops to attend live or watch recorded sessions forever inside the Member Hub (worth £30 each).
  • Exclusive Offers
    We work with others to bring you offers and deals. Fee free online payments codes, member offers & much more can be found inside the Simply Club.
  • One to one coaching & mentoring
    Get expert advice & ideas from Emily Whitehead, founder of Simply Great Britain. With over 25 years of sales & marketing experience and 17 years as a Business Consultant, Coach, Mentor & Trainer, you can either join our free monthly Group Mentoring session (worth £65) or get 20% off 121 mentoring & coaching costs with Emily.
  • Meet ups
    Find connection through regular, informal Meet Ups with fellow stand out businesses for inspiration, support & community spirit. As a member you can also host your own Meet Up with our help. Our Member Hub online Forum is another place to stay connected.
  • Member exclusives
    The Simply Club members look after each other. You get to enjoy discounts, exceptional service or special offers on printing, photography, web design and much more.
  • Recognition & celebration
    Enjoy a year round spotlight with your own business page inside our Directory of members plus spotlighting on our social media platforms to build your brand. You can also run free offers & contests in partnership with us. Worth £50 per month.
  • Wear the badge
    Be proud! You get to display an exclusive badge to show off your membership of the Simply Club. Together we are transforming more lives through micro business in Britain.
  • Help to become a greener business
    Our core values are 'people, places, planet' and we're committed to helping you be as sustainable as possible to create a better world for all.
  • Become an ambassador
    If you love micro business as much as we do, find out what our exciting Ambassador programme is all about & set up your own localised community in our name. Ask Emily when you join.
  • Your membership gives back
    Giving back is really important to us. We donate to Fareshare UK through our partners, Work For Good every time a micro business join the Simply Club – without any cost to you.
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