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3 Marketing Trends For Your Business

Here are some key trends that are worth looking at and incorporating into your marketing plan.

  1. Getting personal - we've known for a long time that making your marketing personal makes a huge difference to the success of your messaging. You can use personalisation by using first names throughout you email marketing via a digital mail merge - Mailchimp does this for you very easily. You could use re targeting techniques on various social media platforms. For example, you can set your Facebook ads to re target users who watched your video for more than 5 seconds with a new video. Create personas in your marketing plan to get to know your target customers even better. This kind of research (use Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Instagram data and more) helps you create niche pieces of content to very specific groups of customers.

  2. Messaging & chatbots - often thought to mean having a whole call centre at your feet, in fact using messaging, DMs and chatbots on your website is one of the fasted growing trends during the last 12 months. There are some great automated chatbot softwares to add to your website that can manage essentially your FAQs. You can also use Facebook messenger so that it's more than just an auto responder. Try options like Manychat which works directly with Facebook's Messenger.

  3. Video marketing - we've known for a long time that videos work in marketing but recent research showed that nearly 70% of those asked wanted to find out about a service or product by video first. On top of that, increasing numbers are put off if there isn't a video. Don't forget to include subtitles so that users can understand and watch in silence. Adding subtitles couldn't be easier - try Facebook's automated version or try video editing software like Clipchamp, iMovie or Don't forget, it isn't just about videos on your Youtube Channel but also LIVE videos on social media, Instagram Reels and more all count.

Got questions? Head to our Facebook Group and ask the community - together we can help you for free!


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