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3 Ways to Build a Micro Business Life you Love

When on social media I often use the hashtag #buildalifeyoulove without any of the idealistic, rose tinted glasses overtones that you might expect but with a heartfelt hope that you are doing just that.

Building a life you love might include paddling in the Indian Ocean and having a perfectly curated home but for most of us it’s about achieving some work life balance, earning money doing what we love to do and having time to spend with those we love.

Micro business ownership can be the door that unlocks that life for you. Being your own boss, realising a long held dream or sharing your talents on your own terms can be the most rewarding ‘life loving’ thing we can do.

And there are so many of us doing it. Across the UK there are estimated to be around 5.2 million micro businesses which make up a whopping 96% of all British private business.

So what can you do to take steps towards a life you really love through micro business? You may already be a micro business owner or want to be one of the many who are jumping ship right now from employment to self employment.

Here are 3 ways to ensure you build a life you love:

  • Build a brand that’s aligned to your values from day 1. Building a business with integrity is the key to not only success but also happy work lives. Be sure that you know what your values are to help you build a brand that you can be proud of. Not only do these values need to thread through all areas of your business but you also need to share them too. This will help you find a community and a following of customers who align with what you do.

  • Be clear about WHY you’re running your micro business. Business that has a real purpose is powerful and when aligned to your values, makes for a fulfilled working life that makes a difference.

  • Be part of a community that can help. Micro business ownership is a thrill and so exciting but it can also be lonely when all the big decisions are on you. Settle yourself into a network or community who share your journey and who are willing to share, inspire and support you. This might be family, a business network or simply an online group of business friends. They will be invaluable.

Find out more about transforming lives through micro business by listening to our podcast, ‘A Micro Business Life’ or reading more stories here about micro business life in the UK. You can also dive into our directory to ‘meet’ some of our Simply Club members, a community of amazing micro business owners who are truly building lives they love.


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