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How To Guide: 3 Ways to Reconnect to your Business Purpose

Here are 3 little activities or tasks you can do to help you reconnect with your business's purpose.

Book in some creative space.

Try to find some special time that you can dedicate to looking again at your vision. You may have had a clear one when your business started or your business may have evolved quite a bit since then. I love to re do my vision board to see what things may have changed or how I might be focussing for the coming 12 months. Make notes, take a walk, revisit a favourite book - simply let your mind mull over where you're headed in your business. This clarity of vision will help you start to reconnect with your purpose.

Keep distilling.

This bit can be hard. When we describe our businesses, even to ourselves, we can say LOADS! Sentences and sentences of stuff about what you do, how you do it  and how it might be lovely for your customers. Get all that out on paper if necessary but keep distilling it back a step and back another until you have one simple sentence, phrase or few words that is the super concentrated essence of what you do. For example, you might make furniture (which you can describe in pages of description!) but it might be that ultimately your business is actually making people feel at home. This is a distilled and clear purpose under which you can create lots of different products or services that all fit under that distilled essence.

Share it well.

Simon Sinek reminds us that, 'people buy your why not your what' and this is something I revisit a lot. We can all share the 'stuff' in our business - what we make, what our services are, where we're located, what methods we use and the price. However, successful businesses share the experience and the 'why' and worry about the other stuff later. This is the opposite to many a marketing campaign but really works. Go to the video below and watch his first ever TED talk about the Golden Circle and then take sometime to articulate your 'why'. It's a game changer.


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