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4 Ways to Support your Mental Health as a Small or Micro Business Owner

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week & has significance for everyone in different ways. Safeguarding our wellbeing and mental health has never been more important or urgent. Here at Simply, we've been focussing on ways to support micro business owners to achieve good mental health and wellbeing as they build lives they love.

Finding a way to work and live that supports a life we love is central to many a micro business owner (including me). We're all trying to find ways to exist that is sustaining, nourishing & rich in great experiences. But we're in a world where it isn't always easy to navigate a path to the transformative effect great work has on us and our wellbeing.

So how can we ensure that we're looking after out mental health and not allowing our micro business lives overwhelm us? Here are 4 little ideas or reminders that might just help:

  1. Look after number 1. You are your biggest asset. As a micro business owner, you are likely the most important person and asset in your business. It may be just you or you head up a small team of people, but you're likely to be the driving force of your business. If you were an expensive piece of equipment or a prime retail space, you'd prioritise the right care & maintenance for that asset and we must treat ourselves the same way. Self care often sounds like taking a bubble bath (lovely as that is) but self care looks different for everyone. Whether it's regular fresh air, exercise, walking the dog, sharing your challenges, meditating, good food, getting organised or psychotherapy, self care should be scheduled in alongside book keeping, tax returns and website updates.

  2. Avoid isolation. Micro enterprises can be a uniquely lonely business. About 60% of micro businesses are single person and being the sole responsible person for finances, marketing, sales, making, website design and toilet cleaning can be overwhelming. Find your tribe of people to connect with to share experiences, find support or get help with. You can bet your last pound that you won't be the only one feeling challenged by micro business life.

  3. Become a master. We are all great at something but often not great at everything. Taking time to really understand where our zone of impact lies can unlock our potential while helping avoid feelings of inadequacy or imposter vibes. If you're great at marketing but pants at bookkeeping, then reach out for help. This can help avoid unnecessary anxiety and burnout by getting the help you need for the things that you fear or are less good at while pouring your love and energy into what lights you up and you master at. No one ever said that small business ownership was about being all things to all things.

  4. Remember why. We all started our micro business journeys with a dream - of financial freedom, creative success or maybe a new work live balance. But things go astray and the 'stuff' can take over. Reconnecting with your inner purpose, or the 'why' in your small business, can help us get unstuck or find solutions that reduce anxiety, overwhelm or fear. Knowing that we're doing something important can help us shuffle forwards even on the worst of days.

If you're seeking a supportive community as a micro business owner, please take a peek at Simply Club - designed just for you. If you're suffering today and need more help with your mental health, we recommend the following amazing organisations:


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