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5 Reasons Why Community Matters for Micros

Dreaming of, planning, starting and running a micro business is an epic journey both professionally and personally. Nothing will ever feel quite like it.

Micro businesses make up a whopping 96% of all UK private enterprise and sometimes it's hard to see that reflected in our media or perhaps understand what that feels like for those running them.

Estimates show that about 60% of the 5.2million micros don't employ, suggesting that they're doing business alone. That's a lot of responsibility, a lot to process, a lot to manage.

Like any human embarking on, and travelling, a journey in life from parenting, to illness, from new thinking to education, doing it entirely alone is never recommended. We all understand the importance of having people who have your back, share their wisdom & encourage in those scenarios but so often, we battle on in solitude as micro business owners.

It might be ok to ask for help or admit a skills gap as a new parent or when in education but somehow we've backed ourselves into corner in business to a space where we feel we should know everything, show no weakness and somehow have enough resilience to see us though.

This is where community steps in. It might be a networking group, a gathering of friends or an online collective, but micros have never needed the support of a community more.

If you're a micro business owner doing things alone, struggling or perhaps even avoiding others, then here are 5 reasons why community might matter more than you know:

  1. It's in our DNA: humans have been gathering in tribes for millennia for strength, warmth & collective thinking. Us 'modern' folks are no different. Being part of a collective is double (or 100 times) the brain power but most importantly, it's what we crave. Don't resist community because the version you see out there isn't for you. Your tribe will be there, just spend good time seeking them out.

  2. Mental health: research shows us that isolation and loneliness is bad for our health, physical and mental. Working this way is no different. As a micro business owner, your mental health is more key than your fancy laptop or top client and being part of a community that has your back plays an enormous role in building mental resilience.

  3. Knowledge bank: a business community is rather like a brilliant, human Google that we can trust and lean on. Why would you have all the answers in just one brain and why would you ask just an algorithm when you can check in with people with experience and who you trust.

  4. Advocacy: one of the most tricky parts of micro business can be showing off what you do. It's often difficult to truly understand what your value or USP really is. A community that knows you and works with you, is best placed to share their amazing experiences of you. This type of sharing is like winning marketing gold - not to mention the boost to your confidence.

  5. Collective voice: community allows us to turn up the volume on our experiences, our offers & our expertise. A lone micro business sharing their thoughts can be a lot quieter than being part of an umbrella collective that shouts a little louder for the better of all.

If you're on the look out for a community that celebrates what you do, connects you to the right people and support your micro journey, then how about joining Simply Club. Created specifically for micro business owners, by a micro business owner (me!), Simply Club is an affordable, easy & rather special collective that might just unlock your next chapter. Find out more today & join the waiting list.


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