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A new start for micro business?

As the news settles about a new government this morning, my thoughts turn to the fortunes of micro business owners and our micro business sector in the UK.

Micro businesses make up 96% of all private enterprise in the UK and there are millions of them. From plumbers to artisans, from freelancers to hospitality, they are the backbone of all our lives.

Despite their clear impact on communities and, of course, the lives of customers & owners, the term 'micro' is still under recognised and strategy and policy for supporting these businesses has been so often overlooked. In a recent article by one the UK's leading academic experts in micro enterprise, Prof. Mark Hart, wrote in a recent ERC blog, 'too often...this [government emphasis on fast growth, high growth & scaling] ignores those micro enterprises and the self employed that are the economic backbone of every village, town and city across the UK'.

So what do we wish for? How can micro businesses be helped? What can this new chapter bring?

  • I wish for micro business to be clearly understood and the term 'micro' used by mainstream media and the general public so that micro is properly seen, recognised and appreciated in every community.

  • I wish for business support to be high quality and adapted specifically for micro businesses so that they can realise visions and goals on the same stage as all sized businesses.

  • I wish for micro business owners to be seen as proper business owners who are as valuable and as legitimate as any larger or scaling enterprise.

  • I wish for micro business owners to feel more confident & supported in whatever growth goals they have.

  • I wish for policy to reflect the vital impact micros have on all communities to be vibrant and economically robust.

  • I wish for micros to be recognised for the significant part they play in our journey to net zero & a truly sustainable business landscape.

  • I wish for the words 'micro business' to be on the lips of all business support organisations who want to see positive change where they are.

  • I wish to grow our Simply Club community to bring together micros from all sectors so that they can work together, share knowledge and be each others' best support.

  • I wish for all of us to truly champion the magic of Britain's micro businesses on our high streets and in our communities.

To find out more about our mission to transform more lives through micro business, please head head to our Simply Club page or our Directory.


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