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How To Guide - A simple way to define your brand

So what is your brand? What does it stand for? How does it feel and how do you know?

Oooh – not such an easy thing to define is it? Often when talking to micro business owners, they feel that defining a clear brand maybe isn’t for them in the same way as it might be for a bigger enterprise. However, defining your brand really well can make a huge difference to so many areas of your business. Here’s how:

  • You can more easily define who your target market is

  • It’s easier to understand what value your business brings to your customers

  • It simpler to stay focussed on your core business activities without getting distracted.

  • It’s easier to develop new products and services

  • You can much more easily plan your content for marketing

Convinced yet?

Defining your brand is so much more than your logo and you can use a simple tool to help you understand the other parts of your brand so that you have no doubt what you business is all about. The ‘Brand Identity Pyramid’ was first thought of by Kapferer and I have simplified it a little to help you get to work easily. You can download it from here or head to the downloads area of the Member Hub at any time. Download the Prism

Use the sheet above to define your brand by following the key below. If you’re not sure about any of them, please bring it to the Facebook group and we can help you! Once you have completed the form, I would go away for at least 24hrs before revisiting it again to see if you still feel the same. You will then have a clearer ideas about what your brand is to help you stay ‘on brand’ in all that you do, share & deliver.

  • Physique - what is the physical look of your brand? Colours, logo, imagery

  • Relationship - what relationship do you have with your customers? Professional, entertaining, supportive etc etc

  • Reflection - how do you show people who your customer are? Kids, families, women, elderly etc

  • Personality - what's the voice and tone of your brand? Fun, friendly, cool, energetic etc

  • Culture - what are the values of the brand and how does this run through ALL areas of your brand. Sustainable, high quality, inclusive etc

  • Self image - which people see themselves in your brand? Who resonates with your brand?


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