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About Simply Club - a membership community for micro business owners

This week we're celebrating Summer and the mid point of the year by opening up Simply Club to new members.

The members we dream of are collaborative, warm, friendly micro business owners (or side hustlers!) who are building a life they love but want company and support while they do it.

We use words like that because it's essentially what we already have - a community of supportive, generous folk who are as willing to 'get' the support they need from us as they are to promote their fellow members with gusto.

This is the essence of great membership community isn't it?

Micro business owners make up 96% of all UK private enterprise and they're often (about 60%) doing that alone (in that they are the only ones in the business directly). Of course these some 5.2 million folks are running wildly different types of businesses (we don't really mind what it is) and are of immense help to each other if only they could gather in one place.

So, Simply Club is that thing. A membership, a community, a tribe, a gathering of micro owners who need help & support that's both easy to digest and comprehend (no jargon here!) as well as a sense of connection with people they might make friends with, work with or sell to. We are also very focussed on turning up the volume on the 'micro business conversation' (currently far too quiet!) so that we can shine a spotlight on the transformative magic these owners bring to their communities, families and customers. I would argue that collectively, they bring that same magic to us all across the UK as a whole.

So what's the benefit of a collective like this?

I could go on....but in an effort to be are some reasons:

  • Affordable, 24/7, year round, bespoke, professional help - Micro business is under represented in our media and funding programmes (of support or cash) so it's easy to assume that micros don't really matter. They do & make up 96% of all business that's privately owned in Britain.

  • Comradeship & support all year round - Micro business owners are often doing business on their own and this is a lonely existence that leads to low confidence, exhaustion and a lack of thriving.

  • Group mentoring for free - the process of sharing knowledge, developing thinking & gaining new insight is vital for micros who may otherwise not access this help or can't afford the fees.

  • A one stop shop style Member Hub with 100s of resources, events, a private (not Facebook!) forum and more - Micros are short on time and capacity and need a trusted, quick and reliable place to go when they need it most.

  • A page to show off on - micros span a huge breadth of sectors so we avoid silos by bringing all the magic & talent together in one directory. A place to share news, offers & more.

  • Live & recorded workshops - Micros are pioneers by nature but often have to take on all the roles in a business. We offer an easy way to learn at no extra cost with access to year round recordings when you need us again.

  • A new voice - Micros are often swept up in other terms (read our blog on wording!) and subsumed in generic language about 'small business' but they're uniquely special, uniquely sized and have very specific impacts on lives so we're sticking to 'micro' as the word and as we grow, turning up the volume little by little.

If you're a micro business owners or a side hustler, take a peek at what Simply Club could offer you. If you're a micro fan and love to work with and buy from little businesses, thence. can highly recommend our Directory.


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