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Christmas Showcase!

Why choosing micro is the gift that keeps on giving

Let us inspire you to choose micro first this Christmas – and at any time of year!

We all love to find unique and special gifts for our loved ones at Christmas, and it can be far more rewarding to seek these away from the high street.

Instead, we can explore the myriad of micro businesses and all they have to offer.

Whether it’s a fair at your local town hall or through an online search, there are many ways to find high-quality, unique and often more ethical products and services from the world of micro.

Read on for our very own showcase of fantastic micro businesses for you to discover from the Simply Club!

Why shop micro (and not just at Christmas)

If you want to truly surprise someone and show them how much you care, the options provided by the micro business world are unmatched – both in the care they put into their products or services, and in their presentation.

Not only can you get that buzz from discovering something new, you can feel proud that you’ve voted with your money for a more diverse, interesting and sustainable world of business. One where the thousands of talented and dedicated people who have started their own business to pursue a passion or give back to their community can thrive.

And though this is the time of year when we’re most likely to seek out local makers and independent shops, buying from micro businesses this Christmas is a gift that lasts all year.

It’s not only an opportunity to discover micro businesses but a chance to build relationships that can bring us so much value and joy going forward.

We can have a personal connection with small businesses that shopping with large chains just doesn’t deliver. We can get to truly know the face behind the shop front (whether bricks and mortar or online) and whether they share our values.

Likewise, they can get to know us, and provide a better service as a result.

Not all micros make physical products that we can put under the Christmas tree. Let’s not forget the hairdressers, coaches, designers, educators, chefs, writers… the list goes on and on. We can support these at Christmas time too. Some may offer gift vouchers that you can give to friends and family. If not, you could reach out and start building a relationship, so that you can use their services in the year ahead. They’d also greatly appreciate your support by sharing their posts on social media or simply telling your friends and family about them.

Micro businesses are the lifeblood, heart and soul of our economy, making up 96% of private businesses in the UK. They need us but we also need them.

Micros are definitely not just for Christmas!

Now, on to the gift inspiration….

Check out these gift ideas from some of our amazing micro businesses in the Simply Club.

Sculpted Steel

These paper knives made by Charis Jones of Sculpted Steel are always a good seller at Christmas.

Staffordshire based blacksmith Charis makes a wonderful range of products for gardens and interiors, from these paper knives to ornaments and jewellery.

Charis also takes commissions for bespoke pieces and offers introductory workshops (gift vouchers available). Find out more.

The Hut, Eyam

Not just any shepherd hut accommodation… this is The Hut Eyam, the little green hut in the beautiful Peak District village of Eyam.

Owner Rachel invites you to book a spring break as a special gift for a loved one, in this special corner of the Peak District where you can make some special memories together.

The Hut is based on an original style, just like the traditional shepherds’ huts used to be, except it’s cosy and warm. A unique place to escape from your ‘everyday’. Enjoy late nights in front of the log burner and lazy mornings with breakfast in bed. No alarms, no wi-fi, no television and no distractions. Just little details to make your stay extra special.

Rachel says: “We pride ourselves on giving you the most memorable experience that will leave you wanting to return to again and again.” Find out more.

Not Just Travel

Look ahead to 2022 and book your ideal holiday with the help of Not Just Travel

Julie-Anne Craig is an independent travel agent, who aims to provide people with ‘unforgettable experiences at

the right price’.

Whether you’re looking for a UK break or a trip abroad, Julie-Ann will create a tailored package to meet your needs and wishes, be that accessibility or sustainability. She has also partnered with a global rewilding project called Mossy Earth, so that you can give back when you travel. Find out more

For even more ideas, browse our directory, where you’re sure to find something to inspire you…Dive into the Simply Directory for more Micro Business Magnificence!

Join the Simply Club for business advice, training and support from a thriving micro-business community.


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