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How Micro business ideas are created - a mini guide.

You'd think in a world of the internet, Instagram, Pinterest and all of the other platforms you can think of, that getting creative has become easier. Ideas must surely flow easily for us all right?

Ideas are the lynchpin of any micro business - for creativity, innovation and as a way of connecting with customers. The need to engage consistently on social media requires a multitude of ideas and it's assumed that we're inundated with them. But...ideas feel harder to come by than ever. Ideas feel stale, we feel unsure if it's only us and the dog with the idea. Ideas cause worry and, in a world of digital, it's easy to feel that an idea is neither new nor interesting.

So how do we come up with great ideas for micro business? How can we create the right environment for the ideas to flow and, better still, feel great about them?

Here are some ideas to help you re connect with idea generation:

Make time for ideas.

It was Elizabeth Gilbert's book, 'Big Magic' that introduced the notion to me that ideas are all around and it was simply a matter of being alert enough to recognise them. If we're busy all the time or our diaries are packed full, then ideas won't have time to land, arrive or emerge. Set aside quite, contemplative time each day for the ideas to flow. I'm thinking dog walks, sitting with a brew, staring at a wall.

Create a space for ideas to be recorded.

Ideas come and go in flits and wisps. Little thoughts, half baked snippets, an image. All these things are valid and important in the overall development of ideas that work so find a regular place to record them. You might be a notebook carrier or love to natter to your phone but name the space and stick to it.

Assume a creative mindset.

As micro business owners, we're possibly conditioned to focus on the 'stuff' of business. Important of course, we do need to be sure of our financials, marketing and digital systems. But ideas matter, so develop ways to limber up for creative thinking. You could unlock new ways of 'thinking' through coloured pens, mind maps, drawing, photography etc as a counter to your spreadsheet world.

Gather together.

Online meeting is great and has unlocked so much potential for getting together. But...I'm pretty sure there's nothing like hanging out with other humans to really unearth great ideas. The mix of connection, conversation & laughter helps us access new thinking, create synergies and relax our brains enough for ideas to burst through. Schedule time to gather with like minded folk as an essential business tool to create ideas. Want to join us at Simply Thrive?

Don't rush.

Many an entrepreneur/micro business person have an abundance of ideas and possibly an urge to share them all. Choosing what to implement and understanding what might be a good idea takes time and discernment. All the more reason to adopt point 2, but also to test ideas with trusted people, explore options online, test out opinions etc will help take your unpolished ideas to something truly transformative.


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