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How To Guide: 10 Dollops of Encouragement

I guess you could argue that this isn't really a 'how to' as such but more of a 'keep going' guide. There's no denying that life as a micro business owner is blooming marvellous in many ways but it can be tough too. There's a lot to manage right now from costs to external news, from social media mayhem to our own energy.

So this week, I thought I'd share some words of encouragement to start the day with positivity. These are gathered from the brilliant words of friends, loved ones, mentors & famous folks around and about.

  1. Nothing stays the same - I love this one and something my friend and mentor says often. It's a reminder that actually there's something positive about no two days being the same.

  2. People won't remember what you said or did but will always remember how you made them feel - this gem is a paraphrase of the original from Maya Angelou. A perfect reminder for you perfectionists out there. Actually, people are very forgiving so long as you have done everything with heart.

  3. Schedule rest time - a cliche maybe, but actually without rest, there's little creativity, few fresh ideas and perspective takes a beating.

  4. Plug your adrenaline in - this was only shared with me recently by a friend & it was a little wow moment. If you are struggling with excess adrenaline and anxiety, plug the energy into something. Walking, exercise, hoovering, weeding the garden, singing loudly - whatever helps move the energy through.

  5. Share often - it's so easy to think you're the only one who is struggling, but you can bet your last pound that you're not. Meet Ups, forums, phone calls, catch up are all great options.

  6. You're doing great - think of all the people who dream of setting up their own business but never quite get there. You're already here & you're in business.

  7. There's always a choice to be made - the beauty of being your own boss is that you're best placed to make changes. You can change direction, change your approach, change a perspective, change what you do.

  8. Stick to your zone of impact - that perfect place between your skills, what you love & what people want. If you feel you're not getting anywhere, then take a look at which zone you're spending most of your time in.

  9. Learn the art of delegation - linked to no.8, your business can't bloom if you're drowning in paperwork, admin (unless your a virtual PA!) or something else outside your zone of impact, then it's time to delegate.

  10. There's always someone who can help - the best thing about being part of community is that someone else will have an idea or answer. However stuck you get, they'll be a way to get you though.


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