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How To Guide - 10 Email Marketing Hacks

How's your email marketing game just now? Considered to be one of the most direct and effective way to communicate with an engaged audience, email marketing still gets overlooked for the shiny socials.

Algorithm free, email marketing gives us the opportunity to:

  • communicate easily with people who have signed up to hear from you

  • sidestep the algorithm if you've got something important to say

  • use impressive digital functions to funnel customers

  • is still the number 1 communication for 99% of people who are online

  • great conversion rates compared to socials

  • build relationships with potential customers

  • strengthen your customer journey

  • so much more...

Email marketing is relatively easy to set up and accessible even for the tiniest of businesses. Building an email marketing strategy in your business makes sense using online platforms that keep you the right side of the law. Platforms from an all singing one like Mailchimp or Mailerlite to in-house email marketing with your website provider and other options like Brevo or Drip.

To make your email marketing really sing, try some of these hacks:

  1. Get inventive with your subscriber incentives. Rather than simply asking people to sign up to your email, give them more. Can you call them VIPs? Can you offer an immediate gift or code? Do you promise an 'onboarding' series of treat? There are lots of ideas out there and we can share more in the Forum

  2. Lets' add some detail on that welcome. How about setting up some automations that do more than say thank you? You could offer a mini course, or a series of 'get to know us' emails. Perhaps you can prompt some extra connection by inviting your subscribers to meet up in person or via a Facebook group or Slack team etc.

  3. Your subject line really matters. We know this, but what specifically can we do? Keep your subject line short (ish) and to the point to make it visible in email providers. Also make your subject exciting or have an incentive, question or even an instruction e.g. 'Grab your tickets today'. Try not to over use punctuation as this can trigger your email dropping into spam folders. Also think about personalising too...more of that next.

  4. Personalising in your email is great and increases open rate. This is by using the the 'fname' mail merge in your chosen email platform. But also think about using personalisation throughout your email too so that it 'speaks' to each individual subscriber nicely. TIP make sure you ask for the first name in your sign up form.

  5. Try AI to help you with content. Choosing a generative AI platform like ChatGPT could unlock super readable copy for those of you who feel writing isn't your forte.

  6. Try a different format. Emails sent using platforms like Mailchimp are usually HTML in style (pictures and buttons) but you can also send 'plain text' emails that look like an email you might send day to day. Data shows that these can be effective especially if you're focussed on building a 'personal' relationship with your customers e.g. coaches, experts or freelancers.

  7. Segment your audiences so that you can send the emails they really want to see and gain more conversions. You might segment based on previous engagement or levels of engagement (use your insights in platform) or it could be other information e.g. if you've asked for location, or for special interest information. You could segment old subscribers to send emails to re engage them for example.

  8. Make your email mobile optimised - that is focus on what it look like & how it functions for a mobile. You might want to increase the font size so that your key copy stands out. Also think about how your images and buttons 'stack' in the mobile version so that they're ordered in the best way.

  9. Encourage your subscribers to invite their friends to subscribe too. Using linked text or a button, encourage them to share the sign up form.

  10. Make sure that your emails contains exclusive content. This might be special information, help or ideas that you share or it could be about when they receive information. For example they get tickets or access 24 hours ahead of social media fans.

If you have some great email ideas or you've got a bit stuck, head to the Forum and find our email thread in the How To Guide category for more ideas or to ask your questions.

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