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How To Guide: 10 Monday marketing ideas

  1. Optimise your Google My Business, Map Pin and any other Google information on your business that's out there. It's worth doing this at regular intervals to encourage reviews, to maximise your click throughs and support your SEO optimisation efforts.

  2. Create a lead magnet to gain more interest and subscribers to your email marketing list. This could be a freebie or discount code, a free downloadable or behind the scenes to how to video. This can be done easily using Mailchimp with the link or treat delivered in their automated 'welcome' email.

  3. Create a collaboration with another business to build an offer, event or competition. If they share your values and it adds value to your customers then this is an exciting, small business way to show the world what your magic is.

  4. Offer something for free that adds value to your target customers. For example a freebie webinar, taster video, or introductory short appointment. A great way to find new clients or customers.

  5. Get in touch with a journalist and tell them your story. Pick out a current or interesting angle about your business and write a press release. Seek out the key journalists that might be interested by searching Twitter or LinkedIn. Include a attention grabbing headline and add the key and core pieces of information in the first two paragraphs. Keep your press release to one side of A4 (or equivalent) and always give clear information about where they can get additional information from your email and to your website.

  6. Run a competition on social media that drives traffic to your website or increases engagement on your platforms. It doesn't need to be a big financial commitment - if you don't have products, then perhaps a package of your services or check out number 3 and connect up with a collaborating brand.

  7. Offer an incentive for your customers to share their experience of your business on social media. This could be asking for their selfies with your product while tagging your brand and using a chosen hashtag. You could offer a freebie to one lucky sharer per month.

  8. Create review or testimonial visuals for social media or your website. So much more attractive that just the words, use Canva to create the graphic in your brand colours and with your website address on the bottom.

  9. Test yourself with one new type of post on social media e.g. a story, a reel or perhaps a full on IGTV video. Focus on your core values, the story of the day or perhaps an opening of your products.

  10. Create a video about your behind the scenes - taking a delivery, wrapping a product, writing in your inspiration book, a tour of your place and much more. Never underestimate how much your customers want to know about your business.


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