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How To Guide: 10 super tips to reboot your social media

  1. Revisit your bio. This is a great way to start. Does it still say what you want it to say. Is it a list of stuff you do or an inspirational start to a conversation? Start to visit the bios/about sections of your favourite accounts an se if you can boost yours.

  2. Refresh your profile pic. This is a talking point and indicates to your audience that you are moving forward, updating and refreshing. Perhaps change your logo colour or the background.

  3. Assess your key URL. What is the principle link you share on your platforms e.g. your Insta link, your Call To Action blue button on Facebook etc? Should it always be your home page? Think about the 1st action you want your audience to take - buy from your shop, join your list, read your blog and so on.

  4. Spend 30 minutes on your insights. Sometimes we just plough forward but perhaps we need to stop and assess what works well. Make a note of your best posts and then when you posted them in the week, the tips of content and see if this tells you something about your marketing and replicate more of that.

  5. Now look at your range of content. Are you always sharing the same type of content or can you vary it a little e.g. video, slide shows, blog posts, selfies, behind the scenes, testimonials, graphics and more?

  6. Have a good look at the look. This is not shallow but essential in this busy old world. Have a look at the look of your platform - does it 'say' your brand? Can you sharpen the look a little by keeping a colour palette or only using one font family?

  7. Say hello to your followers. Sometimes we forget to take a long look at who follow us. If you have had a good nosey through your followers list - do so now! Although you can get the stats from Insights...discovering individuals, understanding common themes and perhaps location, helps you to continue to build meaningful relationships as well as feeling more connected to who your are posting to.

  8. Make a plan to be consistent! This is vital if you are going to make an impact and easier than you think. Start today and write into every day's entry in a diary for the next month - what each post will be about, hashtags and themes. This allows you to step back and see the big picture again - not to mention leaving you feeling relieved.

  9. Cut out what doesn't work. If you are really struggling with a particular platform, then take a good long look and decide if you really need it. It is so much better to focus on one platform well than the have an unloved account on all the platforms.

  10. Stop. Take a break from social every so often. Choose to take a break for your summer break for example. You can still schedule a few posts out but announce you are not there, be brave and enjoy a rest.


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