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How To Guide: 10 tips for a proper rest

Even if you manage just one of these tips, I reckon it will have made a huge impact.

  1. Plan to rest - I've said it so many times and learned from my own mistakes that if you don't book it in, it won't happen. Whether it's a proper holiday or a regular day of rest each week - it all counts.

  2. Go audio - after the strains of lots on online activity and work, closing your eyes to listen to something lovely is a great rest. Maybe a new podcast, audio book or your favourite music - it will all do the trick!

  3. Get in nature - feel carefree by simply lying in the grass and watching the sky or maybe walking barefoot through woodland while listening intently to the sounds around. This connection is such a rest for our busy brains.

  4. Switch off - I do this for a week every year. No social media, no emails, no texts and ideally no telly. This screen free time is not only restful but lets the creativity in (make sure you have a notebook nearby!)

  5. Watch the stars - find somewhere dark and make up a flask and simply watch. There are some brilliant apps to help you star gaze and know what you're watching. There's nothing like knowing we're so tiny to help us relax and take a big deep breath.

  6. Take up meditation - not always easy but not necessarily as tricky as you think. Even just a couple of minutes of quiet each day is a form of mindful meditation. Bringing yourself into the now with a few deep breaths is deeply restful.

  7. Breath properly - don't laugh! There's lots of evidence that most of us don't breath well. Shallow, inconsistent breathing can be a huge strain on your body. There are lots of apps and books to help you re learn the power of the deep, full breath.

  8. Take up a new hobby - how many micro business owners allow their hobbies to fall by the wayside? Dipping into something you love that's away from your work is a great way to rest your brain. whether you're a brewer, maker or painter, simple activity like this could open the door to more restful days to come.

  9. Get better at sleeping - great sleep doesn't happen by accident and apparently most of us don't get enough. There are some great apps out there to help us get to sleep or monitor our sleep patterns but wither way, we need to prioritise great sleep as much as great food and good amounts of exercise.

  10. Treat yourself - we're not great at spending our hard earned money of 'frivolities' but actually a treat can be a rest. A spa treatment, a quiet pint or a night way could be the rest you need - you deserve it!


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