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How To Guide: 10 ways to improved wellbeing

Here are a few tips, ideas and reminders about what self care and wellbeing actions look like:

  1. SLEEP - a number one ingredient of any good self care regime. Studies have shown that it isn't just the amount (each of us can manage on different numbers of hours) but more about the routine, regularity and consistency of bedtimes and wake ups. The Sleep Foundation has a great article here to help you:

  2. ROUTINE - Most of us worked at home before, but even more of us are now. Creating a regular routine is vital. The ideal is 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours rest and fun. This sense of control will help you feel like you're driving life rather than it driving you.

  3. BOUNDARIES - this is included because I have traditionally been pants at it! In order that we don't simply burn out, it's important to create clear boundaries to stop us being sucked dry by life. For example, you might need to set boundaries with yourself about when you work to stop allowing work to spill all over the day or all over your house! It could be you need to set boundaries with loved ones so that you get clear set hours of work that isn't interrupted.

  4. POSITIVITY - not always easy to come by but there is a little trick in life. Try to surround yourself with givers not suckers. That is those people who are cup half full folks rather than half empty. Limiting your time with people who are always looking for the next disaster or who are simmering with grumpiness will make a huge difference to your outlook and hopefulness.

  5. NEWS LIMITS - goes without saying but it's so easy to slip back and tell yourself that you should know all there is to know about the latest updates. What's most important it your response to a crisis rather than the crisis itself. Try to limit your intake to once a day and remove news notifications from your devices. If you need to watch or listen a couple of times a day - avoid just before bedtime - it will do nothing for number 1 on this list.

  6. NATURE - whether you're a country dweller or city liver, make an appointment in your diary every day to get outside and smell some fresh air. It could be 10 minutes on a balcony or walk in the park or something more substantial. Take time to notice the weather, sounds and smells. This mindfulness and extra vitamin D will help.

  7. BREATH - deep into your belly so that it sticks out! Many of us shallow breath, leading to a whole host of problems from anxiety to headaches. From the author of 'Breathe' - watch this quick video and you will see what I mean:

  8. WATER - 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. You might be a tea glugger like me but in fact, drinking clear water without sugar, caffeine or colours is better. For every pint you drink, your body finds 20% more energy.

  9. COMMUNITY - Many of us are spending big chunks of the day alone and a lot of us aren't in an office with people we can pass the time of day with. Plug into community as a priority. This could be a business community like our Member's Club (Facebook Group, Slack or Meet Up) and your home community. Volunteering, making time to say hello to neighbours or simply finding an online club makes a huge difference and takes us 'out of ourselves' and helps avoid spirals of negativity.

  10. SHARE - you're not alone if you're feeling like your wellbeing is suffering. We've all been there and are there. Make sure you find a secure place like our Member's Club to let people know that you could do with cheering up, sharing a business idea or simply a natter. What did out Grannies say - a problem shared, is a problem halved.

  11. BONUS TIP - REDUCE YOUR SUGAR - the white powder saps our energy, makes our systems malfunction and leaves us sluggish, foggy brained and less able to take up the nutrient in our other food.


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