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How To Guide: 10 Ways To Keep Going

  1. Remember the seasons. If we see ourselves as being part of a world of living things, we can observe that trees, animals, flowers and plants rarely keep going in the same way and at the same pace all your round. There are rest times, busy times and times to sit quietly. Allow your year to move through the seasons this way too. If it's Autumn, then start to be productive in a less 'busy' way, with time to rest and recoup. If it's spring, you may find the longer days help you work faster and in a more nimble way. Accept these changes through the year rather than fighting them.

  2. Prioritise sleep. You've heard this before, but it's so tempting to assume working longer is working better. Without good sleep we will struggle to be creative, spot opportunities or solve problems well.

  3. Write a daily diary to help you notice what you need and when you need it. For example you may notice that you are more stressed on a particular day each week or that some parts of your work routines are better than others. This mindful process may unveil new opportunities for new work practices or better routines.

  4. Get in fresh air every day come rain or shine. This blast of perspective and new surroundings is like a super boost to the brain - increasing endorphins, improving vitamin D intake and relieving feelings of sluggishness.

  5. Make breaks part of your essential to do list. It's all too easy to work all week and use a day off to catch up on chores - who doesn't do that?! But taking proper time off each week to take a walk, enjoy a coffee with a friend or taking a class is as essential as doing your accounts.

  6. Share your story regularly - with fellow members, family or friends. Any feeling feeling of overwhelm, tiredness or worry can quickly be diluted by the act of simply sharing. Travelling this journey with others matters.

  7. Make a plan to limit or ring fence your time absorbing media - social media, news media etc. Create chunks of the day that aren't contaminated by information that isn't relevant to you. For example, only doing social media for a set time each day or checking in only a few times. This discipline will have a dramatic effect on what you can achieve in less time - giving you more time to rest, relax or do something fun.

  8. Sit still every day. Use those first few moments of each day to be still and be aware of how you're feeling, what you might need or what you need to prioritise. It's a game changer.

  9. Be kind to yourself. There will be days in micro business ownership that will simply go nowhere. If you only achieve one tiny thing - it's worth it. Quieten the critical voices and give yourself a pat on the back - this wasn't meant to be a straight line to perfect success.

  10. Ask for help. This is included because I have been traditionally pants at it. Reach out, ask for support, invest in a freelancer, outsource some work, ask advice or make a call. Nobody has all the hours or all the answers - that's what community is all about. As always, we can discuss this or any other topic in the Facebook Group or Slack space. See you there!


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