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How To Guide: 20 little marketing idea reminders!

  1. Introduce yourself - as you gain more followers on social media it is sometimes nice to say hello! Think a little selfie pic or the view from your office or even a little video.

  2. Upgrade your email signature - why not add an image of yourself in the signature or a little seasonal logo or quote?

  3. Run a contest - this could be something formal on your website or a fun caption contest one day on your stories

  4. Give generously - small business is famous for giving rather than taking so offer something for free - a little top tip, a day of free postage or a video how to.

  5. Record your first IG video - it's a big step but regularly updating your audience about life in your business could be a game changer.

  6. Start a blog - I know! You hate this one BUT it van be hugely beneficial. They don't need to be long or snappy but niche helps. What is your superpower and can you share it?

  7. Begin your own networking meet up - don't be lonely. Meeting people who share your journey might be the door opening you have always dreamed of.

  8. Optimise your Google My Business - essential maintenance is something we overlook and it's worth double checking it's updated, has reviews, lovely pictures and all the great links you need.

  9. Incentivise your email sign ups - what can you offer to welcome new subscribers onto your email list? Think freebie top tips or discount code.

  10. Upgrade your photos - take time to take a bank of great images that tells your business story. This will help you stay on brand, save time & improve consistency.

  11. Re write your 'About Us' page - very rarely do we take a regular look at this page on our website. Does it tell your story fully, help people understand your background and skills and is it written in human?

  12. Add to your Instagram - this will let you add multiple links to your bio allowing your audience to easily find your services they want most.

  13. Write your elevator speech - imagine you are in the elevator with a famous investor - can you catch their interest in one sentence (1 floor) - a great exercise in cutting out the waffle.

  14. Use Tweetdeck - a Twitter owned platform that lets you schedule your tweets and add new columns for hashtags or accounts you are watching.

  15. Start your own hashtag - you might think that you are too small for this but a hashtag that perfectly describes what you do can be fun for your audience and help people find you.

  16. Personalise - hand write postcards thank yous, personalise your email marketing, add hand written notes to all your packages.

  17. Ask for reviews - we forget to do this regularly! You could add all your review places in link form to your email signature e.g. you can now access a Google review link for your customers for your Google My Business.

  18. Create consistency in your marketing - create a plan for each month ahead.

  19. Create a video tour of your business - this could be a video of your place or a tour of your online shop or website.

  20. Take a survey - people love to give their opinion - why now make the most of this to create engagement and give you valuable customer feedback. Use Google Forms to do this for free.


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