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How To Guide: 3 extra ways to upgrade your Instagram

Use the save button to help optimise your content strategy.

Using the little flag save feature at the bottom right of any post (yours or your competitors) is a great way to create collections of ideas, feedback or opportunities. For example, you might want to save collections like 'great captions' or 'positive feedback' or 'ideas for 2022' etc etc. This way you can look back when you're planning to all those things that previously just scrolled by in a blur.

Keyword your captions!

Instagram includes keywords in its search so it's important to think about this when crafting your captions. Obviously you want an impactful first line that will grab your readers attention but it's also useful to think about the inclusion of some of your keywords in the rest of what you write too. For example, if you're a commercial photographer, then maybe use that phrase explicitly. Don't overthink though and spoil any caption style or voice you already have - keep it natural!

Use the LIVE feature more often.

There's lots of data showing that brand building is helped a lot by live content on Instagram. It may be time to start to build this into your content strategy. Don't panic that this means lots of you on the screen if that's not your thing but perhaps when you're showcasing behind the scenes stuff, for example, you do it live instead of as a reel or IGTV.


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