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How To Guide - 3 great ways to build your email list.

We know that email marketing can be an ideal, algorithm free way to connect with your dream audience but sometimes, it's seems it's not so easy to grow your list of emails or audience.

Although growing your list seems like a numbers game, it isn't really about having large numbers so much as having plenty of people who are genuinely happy to be in your list. This is especially useful if the time between knowing your business and a decision to buy is quite lengthy.

With this in mind, let's explore a few ways to grow your email community in a way that feels authentic.

  1. Try calling your email list a name that shares exactly what the experience of being in your email list might be. Rather than a simple 'sign up to my email', how about making it feel like a VIP club or a supportive community or a tribe that shares the same values. Choose a fun name that aligns with your brand and tells a prospective sign up what added value they'll receive in return for their email address.

  2. Build your customer journey so that being part of the email list is the most obvious and beneficial way to stay connected to your brand. That might be because it's the only place to get exlcusive content, your audience gets exclusive early bird access to something or they get to see content that you don't share anywhere else. This way you'll be sign posting to it often and making your email sign ups feel special.

  3. Be very clear about how often you will email and what the content will be at the sign up place. This 'best practice' approach means that no one ever feels like they may be duped or concerned that they will be inundated with news that doens't really make their life better. Knowing your target customers well, you'll know what they'll love so you can get them excited to receive your content know ing exactly when it will arrive.

Let's keep talking about email marketing in the Forum - best platforms, great ideas and share your challenges too.


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