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How To Guide: 3 ways to avoid drowning in social media

  1. Make a plan! It's not an original idea but so bloomin' important! If you don't know exactly what you are trying to achieve on each platform, exactly who your audience is and exactly how you are going to get them to buy/come on board/convert into customers, then your time is wasted. The modern social media world is not a place for the vague and wooly. Be super specific about every platform. Who are your people (know everything you can about them!), how are you going to inspire/delight/inform them and what are your key tactics to persuade them to become customers?

  2. Be the boss! It is oh so easy to get sucked into the social media whirlpool every day. Ever get those moments in the day when you find yourself on your shine and you've just spent 10 minutes scrolling aimlessly? This type of unplanned activity breeds imposter syndrome, insecurity, wastes time, loses focus, promotes the desire to copy and generally suck the creative life blood from us all! You are the boss of your social media platforms so, through research and experience, choose the times of day you will post (or schedule) and decide ahead when you will pop by and check messages, reply to comments and do some specific research. TIME yourself and then turn over your phone and do other things. This way you are not the slave to your platform. You are the grown up, confident and in charge boss of each social feed. It feel amazing and your activity will get more results, be more focussed and you will likely stay on brand much better.

  3. Find an alternative! Ok - this is not saying give up all social platforms (although I guess one day we all will when something better comes along) but don't put all your marketing eggs into one basket. When we are sole reliant on social media for our marketing, it can be even more sickening when things don't go well. Make it a priority to create a strategic plan to build your email subscribers and email schedule. Email is not dead. Email is key in your marketing - they land direct to individual humans, they are much more likely to be read and data shows that there is a 20% uplift on offers, deals and news compared to social posts. It is essential that you do both for maximum results in your marketing. Wishing you all a fabulous Monday and remember, you can dig deeper into any of these issues by booking a place on a small business retreat, one of our workshops or booking a one to one with Emily.


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