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How To Guide: 3 ways to find your mojo

I thought I would share the 3 big things I've learned so far & share some little tasks to help you too:


Understand what gives you energy and what takes it away. Try an energy diary for one week and note down everything that makes you feel a bubble of energy and everything that makes you feel like you're wading through treacle. This can be any area of your life from domestic duties to your work tasks.


Know where your sweet spot is in terms of your business and work. Draw 3 overlapping circles (like a venn diagram). One is your interests, one is your skills and one is trend or current thinking. For example mine might be:

  • interests = micro business and sustainability

  • skills = business coaching & marketing

  • trend = sustainable business & new ways of working


Understand what motivates you as a person from the 6 key drivers or needs in life. Choose two of the following:

  • Certainty

  • Uncertainty

  • Significance

  • Growth

  • Love & Connection

  • Contribution

Now it's time to make the changes you need to.

Once you have done these three little tasks, you can start to build a picture around:

  1. What are you spending you time doing that is draining your energy away? Can you delegate these tasks? Are they really adding to your business? Are you using your best skills wisely? Can you introduce more of what lifts you up to energise your business and help you find your mojo?

  2. Are you still working in your sweet spot or have you moved away a little? It may only be by a few degrees but can lead to a feeling of 'off' and not really feeling the magic.

  3. What are your key drivers in life and are you using them in your business? If you know that growth and significance are important then maybe a new goal setting plan would motivate you. If love and connection is key, are there ways to build more of that into your work? If you dislike uncertainty (or indeed find certainty dull!) then can you steady your ship or inject something new into your business?


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