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How To Guide: 3 ways to improve engagement on Facebook.

  1. Be human. Facebook have a mission to connect everyone in the world and this means people. Your brand needs to be human. This might include telling your story well, including images of you or simply using the language you would use if you met your audience on the street.

  2. Be imperfect. This works particularly well for small business and is one of your key advantages over the corporates. Perhaps this is a behind the scenes access for your audience or fun stuff on your stories. If something doesn't go as planned, share it. This authentic approach will win you loyal fans who will love to engage.

  3. Focus on fans. This sounds obvious but in fact quite tricky to do in reality. You have a business you want to talk about but if you want a two way conversation, you need to put the spotlight on the other person too. This might be asking your audience for their opinion or requesting their help in some market research. It might be simply asking them to share what their day/experience/life is like on a particular post. It isn't all about you. Some of you might think that you already do these things, but go back to your page now and have a look at your posts over the last month. Really analyse what has worked and what hasn't and make some of these changes today. Good luck!


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