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How To Guide: 3 ways to make email marketing work for your business

  1. Create new interest in your business: you need to build your list of subscribers. This process alone can help you get people interested in your products or services. How about offering a special treat in return for the email address e.g. free p&p on their first order or a free downloadable cheat sheet to help answer their questions? You might even like to email them a 'how to' video of your own to reward them for signing up. This can be automated within your email platform and once set up, can run without additional work from you!

  2. Build a VIP club: we all dream of a core audience that love what we do and always come to us first to buy what they need. Email marketing can help you do that. Simply naming your email list as a social place to be (VIP club, Pay Day promotions etc) can unlock a new relationship with your audience. Your audience will be engaged and much more likely to share your business with friends when they receive exclusive information from you.

  3. Automate everything: email marketing should save you time not add to your jobs list. Create a welcome on boarding campaign so that new subscribers are taken on a journey of discovery more about your business. This can all be set up to email out automatically over a series of days or weeks and allows your subscribers to uncover elements of your business that they may not know about. This could be video demo of what you do, a guide to your website or a welcome message straight from you! If you want to know more, talk about email marketing or attend our latest workshop, then head to the Facebook Group or website now.


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