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How To Guide: 3 ways to optimise your LinkedIn profile

  1. Get you image right. It never fails to astound me how many awful profile images there are on LinkedIn! Selfies, party shots, out of date and out of focus are all still there. Make sure your image is good quality, if not professionally taken. Ensure that it also give she impression you are looking for. Wear a suit if that's your look or jeans and a big grin if that's how you roll but it needs to reflect you, your business and brand.

  2. Get your headline right. This is the few sentences underneath your profile image. Don't be tempted to list your achievements or qualifications here. It is more powerful to talk about your values or mission and HOW you help people. Focus on the experience people might get by being connected to you rather than the stuff you're qualified to do.

  3. Add skills! In order for people to really understand what you do and how your skills might benefit them, add plenty of skills to your list. This not only great to show off what you can do but it will also invite your connections to endorse what you are capable. This is LinkedIn gold because what others say about you matters on this platform! We will be talking about this over int he Facebook group - so head over and ask questions, share your ideas and top tips.


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