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How To Guide: 3 ways to plan your social media up to Christmas

Make a plan. Head to the Member's Area and use the Simply Christmas Planner - up to 6 weeks of planning to help you stay focussed on what matters most. If your business isn't a Christmas bumper business e.g. business services - this planner still counts. Christmas is a time when your clients will start to look ahead and plan their New Year. Communicating well now will build relationships for the future. This planner also helps you keep your customer journey in focus - helping you create posts that attract your audience whichever stage of the buying process they're at. Find & download the planner now.

Choose a scheduling tool. There are now loads of great scheduling tools to help you get ahead. Knowing that you have posted a few days or even weeks ahead means your brain is freed for other things. Be warned though - this doesn't mean you can forget to check into your platforms. You need to pop by regularly to reply to comments, check messages & stay engaged. Here are some platform ideas:

  1. Facebook Business Suite - new to Facebook and accessed from your Facebook page, this new area allows you to schedule to your Facebook and Instagram business pages, check on messages from both platforms and a host of other features.

  2. Tweetdeck - for those Tweeters out there. This is a Twitter owned platform that allows you to keep an eye on multiple streams/hashtags at a time and schedule posts for multiple accounts for free.

  3. Hootsuite - this platform annoyed me for a while and had a reputation for being unreliable but it's loads better now. You can post to up to 3 platforms for free (including LinkedIn) and again have multiple streams loaded to keep an eye on mentions, comments, scheduled post and more.

  4. Preview - this is an app that lets you plan your Instagram brilliantly. Not only can you schedule but you can also plan your grid and stay engaged from one place. Again this is a free to use product.

Create an image bank. This is one of the most useful things I do. It sounds so simple but it's a revolution! This can be done on your phone by creating folders or using Preview for Instagram. Alternatively, use folders on your desktop to dive into at any time. Stats show that your own images will gain much more engagement than stock images anyway. Try to categorise them according to the planner mentioned in point 1 or into the phases of the customer journey. This process takes a little planing but then make life run so much more smoothly when you're overwhelmed or busy.


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