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How To Guide: 4 steps to a great sales journey


This is the stage when your customer or potential customer is either looking for something that they need or want; have a challenge or problem that needs a solution or are simply browsing and day dreaming and are open to something new. For your business this might be your SEO, website, social media platform, listing, award or accreditation or it could be something physical like your shop window, stall or leaflet. Knowing what you know about your dream customer, what are they hoping for at this stage? Are you there for them to find or are you using the right hashtag/SEO/Google My Business map pin information so that they can find you learn more?


Your potential customer either knows about you or has been recommended to your business and now they need information. When are you open, how do you deliver, how much will it cost, how far away are you, are you any good at what you do etc etc. Is all that information easy to find and seamless? Does your business provide that information is a pleasant, accessible way that helps them get to know you a little and start to build a relationship?


A moment when they decide to purchase. This may feel like the end of the road (it isn't!) but it's crucial of course. What is the experience like at this stage? Is it easy, is it an online experience with a great interface, do you offer something additional and what experience do you create? Is there an after service or an automated thank you or onboarding email? If you sell something that is a relatively easy decision like a great coffee, then you can repeat this journey over and over again. However, if you sell a one off holiday or a rare business service, think how you might keep them on your journey for a long time between purchases e.g. an email subscription or VIP users club.

Experience & Advocacy

In many ways the most important part of your journey! What is it like to receive your products or services? Do you under promise and over deliver? Is there beautiful packaging, eco delivery, an amazing experience? In addition to that, what ways can your happy customers either stay on your journey for the next time or share their amazing journey with their friends or colleagues? Do you have a n easy, automated review request or perhaps you offer a loyalty bonus or help them feel part of your community that uses a hashtag or shares their images on social? This is not only vital for the 'awareness' of the next wave of customers but also does the marketing for you.


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