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How To Guide: 4 tips to encourage email subscriber sign-ups

Many of you will know that I am a fan of email marketing. Not because it’s easy, but because it is controlled by you and not some weird algorithms. What you put in is what you get out with consistency and dedication.

But how can you build your audience consistently, easily and without being icky and sell-y?

All micro business owners know that the secret to great customers is building great relationships. So it’s important to plan and think carefully about how your email marketing can be the start of a magical relationship that not only leads to sales but creates advocates of your little brand.

I am sharing 4 tips to help you create your own successful email marketing strategy:

  1. Have a clear purpose to the relationships you want to build inside your email marketing strategy. Do you want your subscribers to engage weekly in an intense, fun way. Do you want to develop a casual style with a low key monthly round up or perhaps you're taking your customers on an educational journey. Do you want them to buy from you regularly or share your content with their friends?

  2. You could decide that your subscriber list is less of a list and more of a membership club. You would invite your audience to sign up for free to gain exclusive content or to receive curated content all in one space. Perhaps you could even call them VIPs so that they feel like super fans who are rewarded for being in your community. Naming your club is also fun!

  3. Perhaps you want to offer instant gratification by offering an automated discount code, free P&P or an onboarding programme of inspiration or education. Using automations within your chosen email marketing platform, you can offer discount codes or even create a series of emails that go out to new subscribers over a period of days or weeks. These could deliver a little workshop or course or perhaps take people through a programme of meditations or yoga poses. The options are endless and easy to create.

  4. Think about what information you're asking for at the sign up process. You will obviously ask for name and email, but what about  asking for their postcode or Birthday? Even if you don't want to use this information yet, plan ahead! Imagine if you could automate to send out a discount code the day before a subscribers Birthday? Perhaps you might use postcodes as a way of doing a monthly competition or mini lotto for your fans. Get creative on this one!


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