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How To Guide - 4 top tips to transform your visual content

  1. Brand - are you absolutely clear on your brand? It is essential to be clear about the values, voice and words around your brand. This not only helps you keep your images and visual content 'on brand' but also helps you create the content that helps your audience understand your points of difference and special qualities.

  2. Story - what is the overall story you are trying to tell? Story is vital if you are going to bring your audience along with you so write it down. Maybe you are a family business changing the landscape in your industry. Perhaps you bring a unique approach to your business or provide idyllic products or services for your customers. Knowing this story and, more importantly, stick to it, will help ensure that your visual content illustrates the story.

  3. Build a plan - it is so important to plan ahead. Write a list of the types of visual content that will work with your business. Think about what you are trying to do - inspire, educate, wow, show round, solve problems and so on. Once you know exactly what visuals you might need for your business then batch create them. Put aside a day to take images or get creative online and then you will have your visuals for the coming months sewn up.

  4. Consistency - I can't stress enough the need to be consistent when posting content. This is more important than frequency. If you can only find time to post 4 times a week, then make sure it's the right 4 times and you never miss one. Also consistency across all your platforms. If you post stunning images on your social feeds but you haven't got round to changing your profile images or website pics, then change that today. If you want to dig a little deeper then why not check out our Visual Content Workshop on the website or watch out for the new Love Marketing Workshop coming soon....


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