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How To Guide: 4 Ways to Grow your Business

  1. Income - who doesn't want to grow the cash in their business? However tempting this is, be careful not to just work longer, faster and harder. Think about working clever. If you want more income, are you charging enough for what you already sell? Small business owners notoriously under charge for what they do. Audit what it is costing you to deliver your products or services. Include your time, re look at supplier charges and work out the additional costs to send or deliver what you do. This might make a difference before you have to sell more.

  2. Subscribers - a list of already interested people with whom you can communicate directly without an algorithm to worry about - how brilliant is that?! Email marketing has really seen a resurgence in the last couple of years and building a relationship with people who already like your business is hugely valuable to your business. Remember to make your subscriber list a special and exclusive place to be and always be generous to your fans. I like Mailchimp but there is also Mailerlite and others to choose from.

  3. Social Media fans - growing audience is valuable but focus on why this is important to your business. More isn't always better - quality and dedicated fans is better. If growing your fan base is key, remember that engagement and content quality needs to be your focus. Think about evolving your content for each platform so that it better engages those fans. For example Facebook fans love to be entertained and Instagram fans love to be inspired. Spend time on your social media insights to understand when best to post and what types of posts your fans love best.

  4. Website visitors - we all want more people to see our websites that have often taken huge time and financial investments. If this is your goal, first make sure that you understand why someone would visit your site. What do they need? What's their key challenge or problem? Are you answering that? Is your website optimised for the key words people are using? Build a customer journey in everything that you do so that people always end up on your website for fresh new content.


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