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How To Guide - 5 Lead Magnet Ideas

The topic of lead magnets came up in our last Thrive Session (our monthly group coaching session) and it got me thinking about what are good lead magents these days? How can we make them simple and serve our businesses in the way we need.

First up - what are lead magnets? At it's most basic level, it's when you provide something of value to your ideal audience in return for their email. You then ethically use that email to share business information, continue to add value, build relationships and hopefully offer enough to convert them to a paying customer.

Then it's how.

You need to use an email marketing system to create a place for your audience to add their email address and then you provide an automated response with your 'free' content that adds value.

So what added value ideas could you implement for your business?

  1. Video tutorial or workshop - be generous with your knowlege or experience by sharing a free video which shares something useful, inspiring or that they can't access anywhere else?

  2. A product or service bundle that offers real value. This might be a special code or added extra that no one else gets access to.

  3. A download - a checklist or template that helps, delights or shows how you can be trusted.

  4. A workbook or course to share step by step processes that offer a solution of some kind.

  5. An invitation to something exclusive - a meet up, a workshop, networking or course.

Let's talk lead magnets over in the Forum - what's worked for you? What questions do you have? Do you need any tech advice for your email marketing?


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