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How To Guide: 5 reasons why connection matters (& how to do it)

Over the last couple of years, connecting with fellow micro business owners has been so tricky. We have tried to connect folks over Zoom but we all quickly got screen burnout. But now that we’re able to connect so much more easily, we’re floundering a little perhaps? Do you ever get the feeling that getting out there doesn’t feel as comfortable as it did before? Do you sometimes feel like staying in your bubble is easier? This doesn’t just apply to physically going out but perhaps we feel it online too…are we hiding in the shadow a little on social, dipping out of conversations online because we’ve simply had enough?

But… we know that connecting is a vital component of being human – we actually need it really badly. Even if you’re an introvert at heart (I am!!!) there’s something life affirming about sharing, connecting and having conversations with people who understand, are interested and who are on your wavelength.

This guide was prompted by a couple of recent Meet Ups I have hosted in my neck of the woods and the profound effect they had on me. It felt a little like I’d been plugged back into the mains and I want to share some reminders about why it’s so important to stay connected to help us all stretch out of our comfort zones for great results.

We're human first

Business owners yes, but human, and often humans doing it alone. The first thing we need to do for success to to tend to our humanness first above all things. Check out other How To Guides I've shared about self care but I want to focus on connection. We simply haven't evolved into Homo sapiens alone - we have done it in groups, in collaboration, in community. This principle of evolution applies to micro business too. It matters not if you're an introvert, extrovert, confident or shy, we have to find a way to do business together for the best results. Never underestimate how much you need to build connecting into your working life. Ideas:

  • The Simply Club Facebook Group - A safe place to chat, ask questions, be curious, learn and laugh. It's simple, easy and accessible to all members.

  • Go to a Meet Up - we're beginning to get back to some face to face Meet Ups and our only theme is life affirming. Tea, cake, chat, laughter and friendship.

  • Create your own Meet Up - where you are, with your people & your way. We have a couple of guidelines but why not gather people together and connect.

  • Simply Mentoring Group - last Monday of each month, online, accessible to all members and free. A chance to connect, feel nurtured, set goals and find some accountability that's not your dog!

We need to stay learning

You know this. Not only is the world super paced, but the ways in which we can do business is evolving quickly too. It's so important to keep learning from anyone you trust and who has experience. From digital tips to confidence ideas, we all do better when we connect and learn. Ideas:

  • Join a live mini workshop in the Simply Club - we run a few series' a year and you get to watch and enjoy discussion and Q&A. A great way to remember that you're not alone & feel the uplift of understanding something better.

  • Dive into the Facebook Group with your challenges and questions - it packed full of mentors and experts in their own fields. No questions is too daft and never compare your stage 1 with someone else's stage 10.

  • Get some 121 support - why not access some coaching or mentoring to really dig into your limiting beliefs, conundrums or challenges? This might with me (members get a 20% discount) or other super coaches in the club or who I can recommend.

It's emotional

Let's not brush over the fact that micro business is all about the feelings. Opening up, connecting and sharing your ups and downs unlocks a new and refreshed way to do business. Not only will you quickly realise it's not just you, but connecting this way can pave the way to answers, ideas and confidence. Ideas:

  • Chat in the Facebook Group or reach out to an individual in the Simply Club. By definition and because each member is checked out, you'll find amazing people who are more than willing to share, listen and connect.

  • Meet Up face to face and be prepared to open up about what life is really like. This is where the magic is. We regularly talk about anxiety, insomnia, stress and all the other strains we face.

  • Mentoring Group is another confidential, safe and respectful space to share your challenges and emotions. We may not be a counselling service (we have some great ones in the club!) but we can listen, feed back and honour where you're at.

Energy is key

You've heard me talk about the power of good energy and connecting with other humans is a sure fire way of finding some. Just like the science experiments we did at school - the more folks who get together in the real world or online, the more we bump together, warm up and create energy! Good energy gives us confidence, focus, purpose and clarity for our own journeys and businesses. Choose some of the ideas above about how to do that.

Find your people

There are life suckers and life givers and we all have them in our lives. Reduce as may of the suckers from your life as possible and find the people who fill life with love and laughter. This sense of tribe makes a huge difference to how you perform in business - we're more confident, less isolated, we learn better and can be more productive. I would hope this is what the Simply Club feels like for you (contact me if you need to connect more!) but you'll also find it in your own networks, local towns, stall holders and more.


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