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How To Guide - 5 Reasons Why Pinterest Might Work For Your Business

Pinterest is currently the 15th most popular social platform in the world - so not that exciting eh? has some real impact as far as who it's serving and how it attracts users.

Although this platform might not be a core option for some of you, maybe it's worth a revisit to see if it could really make a niche difference in your business?

If you previously used Pinterest but gave up or you've not dabbled because you thought it wasn't for your business, then take a peek at these 5 reasons why it might be worth another look.

  1. Do your ideal customers love planning projects and developing ideas for their business or life? 85% of 'pinners' say they use Pinterest to do just that. If this aligns to your customer base, then how could you leverage your business content to be part of that planning activity? For example, can you share recipes, ideas based on themes, decorating or styling inspiration or top tips for creating the perfect event/strategy/project? Thinking outside of the box, how can your business support the development of a project for your ideal customer?

  2. Are you trying to attract a younger audience? Gen Z (considered to be those born after 1997) are the fastest growing audience on Pinterest, shopping andlooking for inspiration across the platform. According to Hootsuite figures, Gen Z appreciate the positivity of the platform compared to others and love to use the platform to plan out their lives. So, what can your business offer in terms of shopping, inspiration or ideas for this group?

  3. 76% of monthly Pinterest users are women so it makes a lot of sense to consider Pinterest if it's women who love your business. This positive space and long dwell time, might be the niche, but more surefire way of connecting with a female audience by sharing valuable content that they'll love.

  4. Shopping is a big thing on Pinterest. Although we've touched on 'inspiring' and 'project planning', Pinterest is a place to shop! Most content on Pinterest is unbranded meaning that ads don't get in the way like they do on other platforms, giving you as a little business a great chance to cut though and sell your products directly on this platform. If your audience are millennials onwards and female - even better!

  5. There's another way to connect with customers on Pinterest too. You may not see it as a key platform to externally market what you do ut it's a great place to co create and plan projects with a client. Creating exclusive boards with a client or collaborator is a fine way to develop ideas and projects. Imagine if you're a designer or photographer who is planning a client project - use a private board with them to share ideas and concepts in a free, professional and easy way.


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