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How To Guide: 5 super tips to manage busy times

So, I thought I would share some of my own tips to help you manage busy times or times of change well:

  1. Use a time management app like Clickup or Toggl to accurately measure how long tasks are really taking. This helps us be realistic about what we can achieve in a day or a week and helps us better understand when and how we might delegate streamline or drop tasks that don't matter.

  2. Consider the 80:20 rule. That is the 20% input that gives the 80% result. What changes can you make to systems, services, product deliveries, website navigation or internal management that will give you an 80% improvement? Consider the reverse too....are there customers or systems that take up huge amounts of time or energy that only give you a very small return?

  3. Learn to delegate. Not easy, especially when you don't have the spare cash to employ someone but...what about that task that you insist on always doing yourself but that takes so much time and creates stress? In my business....its definitely a bookkeeper and accountant. Although I understand the tasks required, I am slow, inaccurate and it's not a good use of my time. When you work out what it's costing you to do it - why not divert that spend to an expert?

  4. Plan in breaks as an essential business task. It's all too easy to say that you can't take time away because the business needs you. What your business really needs is a you that's firing on all cylinders not a tired you. Whether it's regular breaks in the day, a digital free day off each week or a few days off each month, it's really will make for a better business, more creativity, clearer ideas and more resilience.

  5. Make space for community. A little like point 4, shared knowledge, support, ideas and chatter with those who share your journey makes good business sense. You'll find solutions more quickly, feel less alone and get the reminders you need to keep going. Head to the Facebook Group today.


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