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How To Guide: 5 ways Facebook Business Suite can help your business

What is it? Facebook Business Suite is a new free platform from Facebook to essentially let you manage your connected Facebook pages and Instagram business accounts from one location. You can access Business Suite for free from your desktop via your page or by downloading the brand new mobile app which replaces the old 'Pages Manager' app.

Here are 5 ways this new feature will help your time strapped business.

  1. It's all in one place: social media marketing is a busy enough activity without having to zip between one platform and another. Business Suite allows you to see everything that's happening from one place. This includes scheduling posts and creating posts for both your Facebook Page and your business Instagram account.

  2. Schedule to save time: Instagram does have scheduling options via Hootsuite and others but they have proven glitchy and unreliable. You can now posts and schedule to both Facebook and Instagram from one place. Best of all, you can also edit your content to suit each audience. For example, if you're sharing some news, then you can add different images for each or maybe edit the layout of your text. You can also add a link to your Facebook post and refer people in your Instagram to your bio. This targeting while saving time is ideal.

  3. E-Commerce: if you have a Facebook Commerce account (you sell from a  Facebook shop) you can manage that too from the same place. No need for separate places or apps to manage everything in one place.

  4. Advertise from one place: Who has found advertising on Facebook and then on Instagram different and confusing? Now you can create ads all from one place. This will keep things quicker and more simple as well as help you better implement more of a strategy across different platforms.

  5. Analyse everything: you will already know that how your share content to on one platform may differ from another. Your audience may be sightly different and you may already know that some content works better on Facebook than Instagram etc. Now you have the opportunity to view your insights for both Facebook and Instagram in one place. This is not only quicker and easier but it allows you to simply understand what content is working best on each platform, how your audience might differ and help you improve your results speedily.

If you want to dive into this a little more, don't forget you can drop into the Facebook group any time and chat with your fellow members about what works for them and to share ideas.

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