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How To Guide - 5 Ways to Attract Press Attention

How recently have you attempted to gain some attention for your business? Have you created a little strategy for working with the press?

Although a traditional press release might no feel part of your day to day marketing strategy, it's none the less, important not to hide away on Instagram only.

Press coverage not only helps in building credibility but helps you gain visibility, build brand awareness & even attract new customers. Here are some ideas to help you think about how you might like to attract the attention of local (& maybe national!) press.

1. Craft an Engaging Story

One of the most effective ways to capture the attention of the press is by crafting a compelling and engaging story about your business. Focus on what makes your brand unique, whether it's a heartwarming origin story, a commitment to sustainability, or a groundbreaking product innovation. Journalists are always on the lookout for interesting narratives that resonate with their audience, so make sure your story is not only newsworthy but also emotionally engaging.

Engaging Story

2. Build Relationships with Journalists

Developing strong relationships with journalists and media professionals can significantly increase your chances of securing press coverage. Take the time to research and connect with reporters who cover topics relevant to your sector. Engage with them on social media (LinkedIn is great for this!), attend networking events and offer them valuable insights or exclusive content. By building rapport with journalists, you can position yourself as the go-to person for great stories or ideas, making it more likely for them to feature your business.

3. Use Press Releases Effectively

Press releases are still a powerful tool for attracting media attention and generating a bit of buzz around your business. When crafting a press release, ensure you highlight the most newsworthy aspects of your business or story. For example - did you win something, work with a new charity, launch something etc. Use a compelling headline, concise language, and include relevant quotes or statistics to grab the attention of journalists. You can distribute your press release through online platforms and press release distribution services to reach a wider audience but it might be more effective to send them to individuals you already have made a relationship with.

4. Offer Exclusive Content and Interviews

Providing journalists with exclusive content or access to particular information can be a great way to 'hook' their interest and secure the press coverage you want. You could offer to provide exclusive interviews, share behind-the-scenes footage, or maybe even early access to new products or services. This works best if you can be inventive, fun or perhaps unexpected.

5. Participate in Events or Awards

Entering awards or attending events can help raise the profile of your business and attract press attention. By showcasing your products or services at relevant trade shows or conference, you can connect with journalists, industry influencers or even potential customers. Of course, if you you win - all the better!

Don't forget, we can talk about this in the Forum so we can share ideas and experiences that helps with storytelling, relationship-building and sharing valuable content.


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