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How To Guide: 5 ways to get more feedback, reviews & testimonials

So, here goes:

  1. Get set up properly. What I mean is to think about which platforms you're on and if you've actually optimised them to attract reviews. For example, check out your Google My Business profile and make sure it's up to date and lovely to look at. Make sure that the 'Reviews' menu item is clearly visible on your Facebook page. Double check which skills you're being endorsed for on LinkedIn and of course optimise your TripAdvisor/other review platform to make it easy for customers to know that they can review.

  2. Get good at asking. I don't mean begging emails but more like building in your asking into your routine. For example add your Google My Business review link (you can get this from your editing are of GMB) to your email signature with a little ask like 'if you love what we do, we'd really appreciate a review to help our business'. You can also share reviews on your Facebook posts to encourage others to dip in and add their own.

  3. Build feedback into your customer journey. Many of us are regularly automating our customer journey from using lead generating social posts to asking folks to subscribe to your email marketing list but do we follow this up with requests for feedback? Think about how you can build in thank you emails, thank you cards with a link in your parcels or in your shop or on your stall. This unobtrusive ways of asking gives customers space to offer feedback when they're ready.

  4. It's not all about reviews. What ever product or service we offer, we all need proper feedback to improve what we do and discover blocks to success. Why not try something free and simple like Google Forms to create a little survey to send out to your fan base? Communities around your business love to offer their opinion and these types of surveys are anonymous so it gives people freedom to be honest.

  5. Say thank you with an incentive. Sometimes if we're looking to grow reviews or gain reviews on a platform for the first time or perhaps we've promoted a new product or service, then why not say thank you its an incentive to fill in a more comprehensive survey. This is not buying reviews and of course it mustn't appear to be that, but maybe you could offer to pull a name out of a hat from any names that have reviewed or ticked to be entered on the survey, in any one month.


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