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How To Guide - 5 Ways To Review Your Year Successfully

We're at the tail end of the year as I write this - a great time to review, look back and assess how things have really gone over the last months. Although much of micro business life is looking forward, there is much to learn about what's gone on in the past, if you can do this kind of reviewing well.

A review of how things have been going can help in so many ways. We can understand what hasn't gone well and what has, how running our businesses is really making you feel, where things may slide or how you can build on small beginnings.

So what does 'reviewing well' look like? How can you ensure you've picked out the juiciest information that will best inform your future?

  1. Start with some hard facts - there's nothing like understanding your figures for what they really are and all business owners need to understand them. How much did you really sell, how many customers did you attract, what profit (or loss) you made and how much your business is costing. This is made much easier if you use an online accounting software like Quickbooks or Xero but even a pen and paper exercise will illuminate your knowledge.

  2. Have a ponder about how you feel - this may not seem like a business essential but boy is it! As micro business owners, we need to understand how we feel to help predict our resilience and ability to keep moving forward. Are you feeling energised and motivated or are you exhausted and feeling less hopeful. Understanding how you've been feeling over a longer period of time will have a direct impact on your forward planning. Be honest and maybe talk it through with someone who knows you well.

  3. Think back to your why. All of us need to have a vision for what we are trying to achieve for ourselves, our businesses and customers. Maybe you've already worked on understanding your 'why' but have you managed to keep it in focus? Are you on track and working into your vision or have you adapted or diluted a little (maybe to survive) and you're not working into your why in the way you'd hoped. Assess if this is a good thing and in fact, you're happier now or is this at the root of any tiredness or unhappiness that you've experienced.

  4. How have you been putting your business out there? You may now have a clearer idea about how your last year has gone but what has that looked like to the outside world? If you've made big positive steps in your business, have you told people? Have you been sideswiped all year and not communicated in the way you'd like? Are you really saying what's at the heart of your business so that people understand much more clearly about the magic you're trying to create?

  5. Last, but definitely not least, what's been the response of your customers? How are they talking about your business? What are you hearing back? How many returning customers do you have? Have your customers managed to keep up with any changes in your business and how are you communicating with each other? This is a great exercise in understanding what your relationship is with your customers and how you might want to evolve it, strengthen it or encourage enthusiastic fans to tell all their friends about you.

I hope that this has been useful for you and given you the encouragement to look more closely at your last year so that you can curate a new year with more positivity, joy & success. Don't forget to dig into this in more detail in the Forum - sharing with your community WILL be the secret to your success.


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